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Change Management Scheme to "App management"

General information about the management scheme change

After the automatic changeover by the ZI, the management scheme can be changed from "Device management" to "App management". Below the migration paths:

Management Schemes

Change the management scheme to "App managed" on iOS / iPadOS devices

  1. In the General Settings, select "Device Management"
    Device Management
  2. Select the Management Profile "Universität Zürich UZH".
    Management Profile
  3. Im Management Profile den Button "Verwaltung entfernen" auswählen. Für diese Aktion verlangt das Betriebssystem die Eingabe der PIN.
    Remove management profile
  4. Confirm the "Remove Management" message with "Remove".
    Confirm Management Remove
  5. The device will be showed as "not managed" in the Company Portal.
    Device is no longer managed

Change the management scheme to "App managed" on Android devices

  1. Open the company portal and select the managed device (the device should be marked with an exclamation mark).
    Company portal - select managed device
  2. Select the message "You need to update settings on this device".
    Company portal - Update settings
  3. Select "RESOLVE".
    Company Portal - Select RESOLVE
  4. On the page "Move to new device management setup" selecht the button "BEGIN".
    Company portal - Start Move
  5. Make sure that the device is connected to a network and that all data in the apps have been synchronized (OneDrive, OneNote, etc.) and acknowledge the message with "BEGIN".
    Company portal - confirm
  6. As soon as the "Remove current management" task has been successfully completed, further processing must be canceled by activating the "POSTPONE" button (the cancellation message must be acknowledged).
    Company portal - postpone
  7. The device is now displayed as "not managed" in the company portal.
    Company portal - not managed device