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Central IT

Decommissioning of the Lecture Hall Computers

For security and resource reasons, Central IT is forced to remove all lecture hall computers (iMac) and laptops (Windows for Smartboards) from the lecture halls and seminar rooms. As requested by many instructors, the decommissioning date has been delayed by one year to allow more time for those who do not have a mobile device today.

The removal of the lecture hall computers will start in July 2024 and will be completed by mid-August 2024.


By Spring Semester 24, approximately 50 lecture hall computers will have reached the end of their life cycle and would actually have to be replaced. Consequently, performance problems or other malfunctions may occur.

We therefore strongly recommend that you obtain a mobile device and the necessary accessories as early as possible and take the time to test them on site.

When testing, it is important that you have installed the software you want to use (e.g. Office 365, Zoom) on your mobile device beforehand and that you know all passwords.

1. Hardware

Mobile devices

  • For presentations you need to bring a mobile device (e.g. notebook, tablet).
  • You will need a Windows device to use the SMART Podium (SMART Board).
  • Central IT or Event Management (Veranstaltungsdienst) cannot provide loaner devices.

Minimum requirements:

  • Connection to the projector works with commercially available devices. These can be connected via HDMI (recommended) or, in certain rooms, wirelessly using the Mersive Solstice software, function button "Wireless Presentation" (not recommended, and for UZH members only).
  • A USB-C port will also be available in many rooms.

Managed devices:

  • Devices managed by Central IT are tested and comply with security standards. For technical reasons, however, onboarding of the entire institute is mandatory before individuals can obtain managed devices. Please contact your IT coordinator for this.

Important accessories

In all lecture halls and seminar rooms you can connect your mobile device to a standard HDMI connector (type A). No fixed adapters will be provided on site. If necessary, please bring your own adapter that you have tested with your device in advance (experience has shown that there are, for example, no USB-C adapters that work reliably with all possible devices).

To ensure that your mobile device has sufficient power during the event, we recommend that you also bring your charger.

Laser pointers and spotlight presenters are no longer available. If required, please obtain your own device and install the necessary software.
For macOS devices managed by the UZH Central IT, this is installed automatically, while it can be found in the Software Centre for Windows devices.

SMART Podium (SMART Board)

SMART Podiums (SMART Boards) will still be available. You will need a Windows device to operate them.

You can find more information here.

Decommissioned lecture hall computers

For the lecture hall computers, after removal from the lecture halls and seminar rooms, further use of the lecture hall computers at UZH is checked. If they cannot be used, they will be handed over to the broker CBA which handles sale of devices that are still usable to interested UZH employees.



2. Access and connections

Connection to the projector

To connect your device to the projector, you should preferably use the HDMI port (you may need your own adapter for your device, which you should definitely have tested in advance - see «Important accessories»).

The length of the HDMI cable in renewed lecture halls is one meter.

In many rooms, a USB-C connection is also available. The connected device cannot be charged via this USB-C port. The expansion of further rooms with USB-C connections is planned.

When using "Wireless Presentation", please note that videos cannot be played back smoothly.
Here the transmission to the projector takes place via WLAN and instabilities may occur.
Please note that as a guest you cannot connect your device to the projector via "Wireless Presentation".

UZH members who still want to connect to the projector via "Wireless Presentation" can find the information on the required software as well as the list of rooms equipped for "Wireless Presentation" here.

Network access (WLAN)

We recommend that UZH members access the network via WLAN. Please follow these instructions.

For participants from outside UZH, the so-called Guest WLAN is available. Please follow these instructions.

Members of other universities can also use the eduroam WLAN as part of the eduroam cooperation.



3. Procedure for multiple presentations

For events (conferences, courses, etc.) with several speakers, you as the organizer have two options:

  • All speakers bring their own mobile device.
  • As the organizer, you provide your own presentation laptop onto which you have uploaded all presentations in advance.

The following instructions all refer to the presentation laptop option.

Borrowing, purchasing und using presentation laptops

  • Neither Event Management (Veranstaltungsdienste) nor Event Management nor Central IT lend out presentation laptops.
  • If you have any question regarding the procurement and use of presentation laptops, please contact the the IT coordination of your institute.

Internet access and access to the UZH network

Important notes

When using managed* UZH IT resources, with a personal AD-UZH login:

  • With your AD-UZH login and password, you can log in on different managed UZH devices at the same time. For example, you can make your own laptop available for presentations, and at the same time log in to a colleague's managed device and write the minutes.
  • Switch off notifications from Outlook and Teams so that there are no distracting sounds or pop-ups.
  • Make sure that the desktop is tidy and that no confidential documents are visible.
  • For centrally managed devices, you must log in at least once every 3 months, otherwise access will be blocked. If this happens, please contact the IT Service Desk.

* Devices can be managed by Central IT or by your UZH organizational unit.


When using unmanaged UZH IT devices:

  • You can set up the device with impersonal logins.
  • The device must always be updated to the latest software version before use.
  • Be aware of the security risks when transferring data from USB sticks.
  • For use without personal AD-UZH login:


In both cases, the Regulations on the Use of IT Resources (REIM) and the Guidelines and Security Rules of Central IT apply.



4. Support

Support from Central IT

The IT Service Desk will be happy to assist you with questions regarding login, software and network access. Please note that device-specific support with remote access is only available for devices that are managed by Central IT. Make sure any issues are resolved before the lecture begins and do not rely on support being readily available when the lecture begins.

For non-managed devices, the IT Service Desk offers support according to best effort.

IT Service Desk: +41 44 634 33 33 / (Mon-Fri, 08:00 - 18:00)

Support from Event Management (Veranstaltungsdienst)

The Event Management teams can only support you to the extent they have in the past, i.e. they cannot provide support for problems with your installed software, login or network access.

As before, however, you can request an introduction to the lecture hall technology from the Event Management. To do this, book an appointment for the desired room with Room Allocation Services (Hörsaaldisposition) and send an email to Event Managment to request an introduction.

Contacts for support to date and lecture hall technology introduction appointments:

Mon - Fri, 07:00 - 22:00 and Sat 07:00 - 13:30 at the City Campus