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Create a Team

To create a team or join a team, click the button "Join or create team":

Create a Team 1
Create a Team 2
Create a Team 3

For teaching, the type "Class" is recommended, for a team of employees the type "Staff". For more details on the different types of teams, see the Microsoft help page. After entering the team name and - optionally - the team members, the team is created.

The "..." button can be used to edit team members and channels.

For privacy and security reasons we advise you to leave the security setting of the team at "Private - Only team owners can add members" in most cases. Teams which are set to "Public - Anyone in your organization can join" on the other hand are visible and accessible by each and every UZH Member. This is also true for related data in SharePoint and data on Streams (meeting recordings for instance).

In addition to internal members, external Microsoft team contacts or Microsoft Skype for Business contacts can be added to the team, allowing them to connect with the UZH.

All team members have access to all contents of the team. If you want to make parts of the team available to only a subset of the members, you may create a "Private Channel" for this purpose (see option "Privacy" in the channel creation dialog).

Create a Team 4
Create a Team 5