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Central IT

Mass mailing


The mass sending of e-mails with the address base of the University of Zurich
must be handled by the President's Service of the University of Zurich.


  1. E-mails are sent as plain text (unformatted text) e-mails.
  2. No attachments may be included.
  3. It should be noted that an e-mail address (sender's address) must be specified, to which any error messages should also be sent and which will be used when replying to an e-mail received.


Such a dispatch is carried out by the Central IT on behalf of the President's Service and is marked as an approved mass dispatch (see example below). One e-mail is sent per address, thus minimizing the risk of an e-mail being filtered out by a spam filter. The Central IT ensure that the dispatch is technically smooth.

The mass sending of e-mails with purchased address masters is prohibited.


Sample email for mass mailing (Click on red magnifying glass on the left to enlarge)

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