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Module is not bookable on the web

Question: Why can the student not book a module that has a "b" as the last character in the abbreviation?

Answer: As soon as there are several modules in the same semester where the abbreviations start with "06" and are identical except for the last character and the last character consists of small letters, the student can only book one of these two modules. This is a special regulation of the PhF.

If both modules are to be booked, change the abbreviation, for example by capitalizing the last letter.

New Dean: New signature for the Diploma Supplement

Question: There is a new dean in our faculty. How does the new signature get into the Diploma Supplement, certificate etc.?

Answer: Please print out the following form, have it signed and send it by internal mail to the following address: University of Zurich, Central IT, Business Applications, Pfingstweidstrasse 60B, 8005 Zurich


Request matrix (passepartout) by ticket:

Writing tool: Pentel Ultra Fine Advance SD570

Template for signatures (PDF, 381 KB)

Questions and answers on the sending of transcripts of records (electronic)

Question: What is the last transcript of records sent by mail?
Answer: The one for the spring semester 2017, sent on 20.9.2017 and 16.10.2017.

Question: What is the first transcript of records available electronically as a PDF file?
Answer: The one for the fall semester 2017, available since the end of February 2018.

Question: Why is paper output subject to a fee?
Answer: This is a new manual process that requires resources of the Student Services. Depending on the circumstances, this may also involve additional services such as delivery to a different delivery address or certification.

Question: Do I also receive a transcript of records when I am on leave?
Answer: Yes, students on leave of absence also receive a transcript of records.

Question: How long can I download a semester's transcript of records?
Answer 1: For about half a year, until the next mailing date. After that it will be replaced by the new transcript of records from the last completed semester.

Answer 2: This also applies in the case of a correction: always the last generated transcript of records is available in the download area. Older transcripts of records are no longer visible.

Answer 3: In case of de-registration (e.g. in case of graduation/abandonment or minor subject mobility) you have access as long as the AAI | edu-ID login works (4 months after de-registration date). The validity of the UZH account can be extended to a maximum of 12 months. After this period, you must contact the Dean's Office or the Student Services.

Question: How is the acceptance of the transcript of records as PDF at other universities?
Answer: Where previously a scan could or had to be submitted, there is now a simplification. The same applies if you belong to a faculty that already offers transcripts of records translated into English. All other faculties might have required a certification anyway or you might even need several copies. This process is now simplified with the electronic ordering option.

Question: Why does the UZH not generate PDF/A or provide the PDFs with a digital signature?
Answer: The UZH is not yet technically ready. However, projects are planned in the near future to address the topic throughout the UZH. Then the processes around the transcripts of records can also be converted.

Question: Why is the PDF of the transcripts of records not fully tagged (would improve readability in a screen reader for the visually impaired)?
Answer: Due to the document layout used in the header and footer areas, UZH is technically unable to offer the entire document as a tagged PDF.

Question: My faculty does not yet generate English transcripts or I have not yet received one. Therefore I do not see any for download or cannot order one. How do I proceed?
Answer: Please contact the dean's office of your faculty by e-mail.

Question: How do I get to the download area for transcripts of records? I cannot find it when booking modules, in OLAT, or in other web services.
Answer: Please go to and log in. Then click on the title "My transcript of records":

Launchpad / Mein Leistungsausweis

Question: Who receives a transcript of records?
Answer: All students who are enrolled or on leave of absence in a course of study determined by the faculties and who have at least one achievement with the status "successful" or "unsuccessful" or "will be continued".

Question: When are the transcripts of records generated?
Answer: The creation dates can be viewed in SAP in transaction ZCM_CA.

Question: When will the transcript of records appear in the Launchpad?
Answer: As soon as the transcript of records is generated, the student will receive an email with the request to download it.

Question: Where is the description of credits read from?
Answer: The description is determined as follows.

Priority Object Text

CI Individual performance

Formula or name stored as a graphic


CI Individual performance

General description (VB0001)


CI Individual performance

Long text (STEXT)


SM/CW externally recognised performance

Note (grade)


SM/CW internal performance

Extended event text (VB0004)


SM/CW internal performance

Long text (STEXT)

Question: Are module booking reasons printed?
Answer: Yes, but only if the reason is marked with an "X" in the table.

Booking reason Booking reason name Output on transcript or records

Credit from licentiate studies


Examination registration only   




Cancel module continuation   

0005 Red. by 1 failed attempt in assessment level X
0006 Red. by 1 failed attempt in advanced level X
0007 Imputation in elective area WWF PPO2001 X

To meet requirements   

0009 To meet conditions  

Crediting after change of subject

0011 Recognition in elective WWF Bachelor X

Recognition in elective area WWF Master

0013 Crediting of elective business studies 1-6 WWF NFMA X
0014 Joker booking MNF  

Crediting to mantle studies

0016 Transfer to elective area MScQF EF X
0017 Transfer to elective area MScQF MF X
0018 Transfer to compulsory area MScQF EF X
0019 Transfer to compulsory area MScQF MF X
0020 RwF Malus point reduction FVC  

Crediting to PhD BmEL/med


Repeat test in the same semester

0023 Advanced Master Module PhF  
0024 Crediting to PhD CS/med  

Question: When and what information on legal remedies is printed?

  • Only the instructions on legal remedies will be printed if the student has performed well in the previous semester.
  • The appeal instructions of the faculty that belongs to the course of study on which the student is enrolled will be printed.
  •  If the student has earned credits in other faculties in the previous semester, these instructions on legal remedies will also be printed.

Question: How are the credits sorted?
Answer: The credits are sorted according to the following criteria:

  1. Semester ascending
  2. Module abbreviation ascending
  3. Booking status descending
  4. Booking date in ascending order
  5. Appraisal date ascending

Question: Which achievements are printed?
Answer: All achievements with the following statuses:

  • 02 Successfully completed
  • 03 without success
  • 08 will be continued

In addition, the publication lock on the module must not be set for the corresponding semester.

Question: When is the status of the level change specified?
Answer: When the student is enrolled in a tiered programme of study at WWF and has reached at least the tier partial:




Graduation button in summary of credits

Question: Why does a student not see the button for graduation in the summary of credits?

Answer: In this file you see the conditions to see this button.

Studienabschlussbutton (DE) (PDF, 205 KB)

Graduation: Exams during manual creation of the workflow

Question: What exactly is checked when creating the workflow manually?

Answer: This file lists the checks when you start transaction ZCM_STUD_ABSCHL.

Transaction ZCM_STUD_ABSCHL (DE) (PDF, 75 KB)

Graduation: Examinations within workflow when registering the degree

Question: What is checked in the workflow?

Answer: This file lists the examinations that are checked during the registration of the closure.

Graduation Workflow (DE) (PDF, 75 KB)