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Central IT

Log in to Microsoft 365 UZH

Requirements to login into Microsoft 365 UZH

To use the Microsoft 365 instance (Microsoft 365 UZH) managed by the Central IT, you only need an internet connection. Your user account (UZH e-mail address) and the necessary Microsoft 365 license has been provided by the Central IT.

Log in to Microsoft 365 UZH

Please always use your primary e-mail address (check primary e-mail address) and your Active Directory password ( to log in to Microsoft 365 UZH. For additional security, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required for all users. Therefore, additional factors must be registered with the first login.

Set up multifactor authentication

Login to the Microsoft 365 Portal

Login Portal

After entering a valid e-mail address please log in to Microsoft with your UZH Active Directory password.

Login ADFS



Log in to an Office 365 Applikation (using the example of OneDrive)

Login OneDrive
Login OneDrive ADFS



Worth Knowing

All users of Microsoft 365 UZH are set up by way of the Active Directory (AD) of the Central IT by the UZH's identity management. The allocation of licenses is done through AD group memberships. For the registration a mechanism called ADFS is used, which always checks the registration against the Active Directory of the Central IT. Instead of using an independent password, Microsoft 365 UZH uses your Active Directory password which you can maintain yourself via the identity management (