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SWITCHcast MediaSpace Video Platform

SWITCHcast MediaSpace, the video platform for Swiss universities, allows you to upload your own videos and make them accessible to an audience defined by you.

If you want to make videos accessible, you need the rights of a producer. Please log in once at SWITCHcast MediaSpace and apply for Producer rights

Changes as of August 2022

SWITCHtube and SWITCHcast have been consolidated into a new SWITCHcast platform as of August 2022. Content from SWITCHtube has been migrated to SWITCHcast MediaSpace. Recordings published on websites will continue to be available with the old SWITCHtube web links and embed codes until approximately mid-2023. If these videos are still to be available afterwards, they will have to be re-integrated with links and embed codes from SWITCHcast MediaSpace.

Series and videos embedded in OLAT can now be edited directly in OLAT.