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General information about SAP

SAP Account / Authorizations

Question: How do I get an SAP account or additional SAP authorizations?

Answer: Please read the information under New SAP Account or Additional SAP Authorizations.

SAP message "Locked by system administrator"

Question: SAP message "Locked by system administrator" - what does this message mean and what do I have to do to unlock my SAP account?

Answer: Your SAP account has been locked by the system administrator because it has not been used for a long time.
Please contact the contact person of your faculty or department so that the account can be unlocked again.

SAP message "Name or password is not correct (Please repeat logon)"

Question: What does the SAP message "Name or password is incorrect" mean?

Answer: This SAP message appears if you have entered your user name (SAP user account) or password incorrectly. Check whether your user name was spelled correctly and enter the password again.
After five unsuccessful logon attempts, the SAP user account is locked by the system.

If you do not remember the password or if your SAP user account has been locked, contact your contact person as shown in the support center overview so that a new initial password can be assigned. The first time you log on, you are then immediately prompted to change your password.

SAP password rules

Question: What rules do I have to follow when choosing an SAP password?

Answer: The password must be defined according to the following points:

Minimum length of the password: 8 characters
Maximum length of the password: 40 characters
The password must contain at least 1 digit (0-9).
The password must contain at least 1 letter.
The password must contain at least 1 special character.
Number of non-reusable passwords: 5
You can use upper and lower case characters for the password.

SAP message "You cannot log on"

Question: What does the SAP message "You cannot log on" (e.g. in P22) mean?

Answer: If you cannot log on to a system, this is because the system in question has not been activated in your user account.

Contact the contact person in your faculty or department to request authorization.
As soon as the relevant system has been activated for your SAP user account, you receive the initial password. The system prompts you to change the password the first time you log on.

SAP message "No authorization for transaction xyz"

Question: What does the SAP message "No authorization for transaction xyz" mean?

Answer: This message appears if you have not been assigned authorization for a particular transaction.

If you need access to this transaction, contact your faculty or department contact person to request authorization.

Printing from SAP

Question: I cannot (any longer) print from the SAP system. What has happened?

Answer: There are sometimes problems in connection with firewall or access control on printers. It is not possible to print even though the TCP/IP address is correct.
A possible cause for the error may be a firewall or access control list (ACL). This must be set to allow print jobs with origin idzu and idzu on port 515.n then exit the printer menu.

Printing from SAP

Question: When printing from SAP on a Kyocera printer, the majority of pages are almost empty. How can I correct this?

Answer: Kyocera printers have an emulator for printing postscript data. This must first be activated. If this emulation is active, postscript data will be printed correctly. To activate the emulation, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the system menu/counter using the menu keys.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select "Printer" and confirm with "OK".
  3. Select the "Set emulation" entry in the submenu.
  4. In the following menu, select the "KPDL (Auto)" entry and confirm with "OK". The display should show "Done" to confirm; you can then exit the printer menu.

If you have a newer Kyocera device, the configuration is maintained via a web interface. Call this up in the browser with the IP address of the printer. Then log on to the system and click on "Printer" and in the left-hand column on "System". Now select "AUTO" in the "Emulation" drop-down menu. Click on "Send" to save the configuration.

Konfiguration Kyocera-Emulator via Web


Procedure for the latest generation of Kyocera multifunction devices (from 2017):

Open UTF8 CSV files with Microsoft Excel

Question: What can I do if wrong characters appear in Excel when opening SAP files?

Answer: Use the following instructions to convert correctly.

Coded (DE) (PDF, 295 KB)