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Automated deletion of cloud recordings

Automated deletion process of Zoom cloud recordings

UZH offers a Zoom campus license for its members. This comes with a limited amount of storage space for cloud recordings. Because the storage limit will soon be reached, an automatic deletion process will be implemented effective July 3, 2023. This will affect ALL cloud recordings, including those already created by that date.

  • 60 days after creation, cloud recordings including all recording files will automatically be moved to the ZOOM trash bin and finally deleted 30 days later. Zoom will inform the owners (hosts) 7 days in advance about the final deletion.
  • Hosts have the option to restore recordings from theZOOM trash within 30 days, download them, transfer them to SWITCHcast Kaltura, and then permanently delete them in Zoom. Section below
  • Recordings restored from the trash will be given a one-day grace period before they are automatically moved to the trash again.

Recommendations due to the automated deletion process

  • Do not share your cloud recordings directly via Zoom. Instead, transfer and publish them in SWITCHcast Kaltura. Section below
  • Please delete Zoom cloud recordings that you no longer need as soon as possible.

Transferring recordings to SWITCHcast Kaltura and deleting them in Zoom afterwards

Please transfer recordings that you want to share with other people or keep for yourself.

  1. DownloadZoom cloud recordings in the desired format, e.g. "Shared screen with speaker view".
  2. Upload the recording to SWITCHcast Kaltura, either in OLAT or SWITCHcast Mediaspace.

    OLAT - make videos available in an online course:
    To upload, edit, and publish videos you need author rights.Order author rights
      •  Help: OLAT user manual |SWITCHcast Kaltura Video Tutorials |Kaltura Help Center 

    SWITCHcast Mediaspace - make videos available, e.g. on a website:
      •  To upload, edit and publish videos you need producer rights. Apply for producer rights
      Help: SWITCHcast Kaltura Video Tutorials | Kaltura Help Center

3.     Delete the Zoom cloud recording.

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