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Central IT

Services / Accounts

To enable users to use different IT services (e-mail, e-learning, study administration, Active Directory ADFS, etc.) for study and research, various services are provided. For this purpose, accounts are required for the password-protected login to the service. The UZH full name is only used for the Identity Management Service. For the other services the UZH short name is used.

What IT services are available where can I log in or validate with them?


Identity Management (The Identity Management Service is the central administration of all persons and accounts

Email/Collaboration (Connections (UZH Connect) will be turned off as of November 01, 2022. For more information, see UZH365. Access to UZH Connect and HCL-Notes applications. For Outlook-E-Mail use the Active Directory password.)

Active Directory (access to services which use Active Directory or Active Directory Federated Servicse (ADFS), e.g. Microsoft online services such as Outlook/Webmail, Teams, OneDrive (login to Microsoft online services only with your primary email address, see, ZOOM, PrintPlus, student portal, module booking, Citrix, computer workstations, Windows domain UZH, VPN, WLAN, etc.)

WLAN (wireless network; only used for eduroam, used on the campus of another university thanks to eduroam)

WebPass (validations on UZH websites, like ZORA, password protected websites, but NOT AAI )

AAI (As of November 2, 2022, the "SWITCH edu-ID" at the University of Zurich will replace the user registration for all AAI services FAQ. Access to services which use the AAI system of the Swiss universities. e.g. OLAT. Please link your login with SWITCH edu-ID, read more about the background of the change in our blog.)

Services with special usage:

WebMod FTP server Access to the "classic" web server (in addition to UniCMS), only available via special request and only for functions.


Weiterführende Informationen

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