Third-party apps

Within the instance of Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365 UZH) managed by ZI, all third-party applications are blocked by default. For example, Office add-ins from the Microsoft Add-In Store (Microsoft AppSource  (Microsoft AppSource), Exchange Online and OneDrive are blocked from access by third-party applications.

Certain applications were unlocked after an IT security and data protection check and can now be activated and used independently by all* users of the Microsoft 365 UZH instance. Applications for other third-party apps can be submitted to the IT department through a Support.

The applications that have already been released can be found on the following page: List of approved applications

When using third-party applications, please note the following:

  • The institutes and the individual users are responsible for information security.
  • Special care should be taken with sensitive data; if necessary, this information should be removed before use.
  • Office add-ins can read and edit the documents to be edited.
  • Office add-ins can send data (including document content) over the internet.
  • If a third-party application requires a user account, the same passwords as at UZH may not be used!

For technical reasons, the Microsoft Office add-ins can only be activated for users who have already switched or migrated from HCL Notes to Microsoft Exchange Online. The "Migration E-Mail Calendar (UCC 2022)" project switched almost 26'000 students to Exchange Online on October 1, 2021, and next the employee and functional accounts will be gradually migrated.