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Start Online Meeting

Chat and audio/video calls with individual users (one-to-one)

To start a chat or audio/video call with a small number of users, search for a user in the search field. Internal users can be found by their first or last name, for users with an external Microsoft account (Microsoft 365, Skype for Business or you must enter their full email address.

Start a Meeting 1



Audio/Video conferences with many users (one-to-many)

To start a chat or an audio/video call with a large number of users (up to 250 participants), use a team channel: Create a team

Navigate to the appropriate channel and click the camera icon in the activity bar of the chat window.

Start a Meeting 2

The meeting is published inside the team channel. Every team member is allowed to join the meeting.

Start a Meeting 3

The following image shows the channel as seen by a team member with the option to join the meeting.

Start a Meeting 4

Join a meeting

To participate in a team meeting there are different ways of accessing it.