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Reset Local Teams Client

Problem Description

There are situations where signing in to the locally installed Teams App does not work at all or does not work as usual.

Take the following steps to wipe the local possibly corrupt Teams data and synchronize a new copy from the server.


Login to Teams online succedes and you can work within the web client. (If not, there is a problem with your account and the following steps wont solve your issue.)


Reset Local Teams Client (Windows)

  1. Close Teams completely.
    To do this, click on the upward facing arrow in your task bar, right click on the Teams icon and choose "Quit".
    Quit Teams
  2. Open a new File Explorer window and type "%localappdata%" (without the quotes but including the % caracters). Press the Enter key.
    The path you are sent to can vary depending on your system, but usually looks like C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local
    Öffnen Sie ein Explorer-Fenster und navigieren Sie ins Verzeichnis "%localappdata%".
  3. Open the folder named "Microsoft".
  4. Delete every folder whose name begins with "Teams".
    Löschen Sie alle Verzeichnisse, deren Name mit "Teams" beginnt.
  5. Open the folder named "Packages".
  6. Delete the folder whose name starts with "MSTeams_*".


  7. As in step 2 enter "%appdata%" (once again without quotes but including the % characters) into the address bar and press Enter.
    This path too can vary but usually looks like: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming
    Wechseln Sie nach "%appdata%"
  8. Delete the folder "Microsoft Teams"
    Löschen Sie den Ordner "Microsoft Teams"
  9. Open the subfolder "Microsoft".
  10. Delete the folder "Teams".
    Löschen Sie den Unterordner "Teams".
  11. Finally open Teams.
    Start Teams

If your Teams App cannot be found, download it again and reinstall it.

  • Sign in to the online Teams Application, click on the profile picture at the top right side of the app and click the "Download the Desktop App" link.
    Download Teams App
  • Save the downloaded file.
    Save the Desktop App
  • Doubleclick the saved file to reinstall Teams.
    Execute Setup File

Reset Local Teams Client (Mac)

  1. Quit Microsoft Teams.
    Quit Microsoft Teams
  2. Bring Finder to the foreground and open your "Library" folder. To do so, open in Finder the menu "Go", keep the Option-(Alt-)Key pressed and chose the menu item "Library".
    Open Library
  3. Open the subfolder "Application Support" --> "Microsoft" and delete the subfolder "Teams".
    Delete Folder /Users/<User>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams
  4. Finally restart Microsoft Teams.
    Start Microsoft Teams