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The Teams Telephony documentation is currently the first version to be made available to employees as a pilot. Further information will follow as soon as Teams Telephony is activated for all employees. 


Overview of the different features





Functions during a call

Device settings

  1. You press the three dots during the call and then "Device settings".

          a. You can adjust the audio settings as well as the video settings in the window on the right side.


Call status

  1. During the call, press the three dots and then "Call status".

          a. Here the data of the call, which are collected during the call, are listed.




  1. During the call, press the three dots and then "Hold".
  2. As soon as you want to continue the call, press "Continue" in the upper right corner.

Divert calls

To divert calls, you have two options:

Teams and the Mobile - Moving calls from the mobile to the desktop.
If you are on a call and are not currently at work or connected to the desired device, the call can be continued from another device. This means that the call will be put on hold and you can rejoin the call from the desired device.

This function is used by users who have Teams installed on their smartphone, for example.

  1. On the desired device (ex. smartphone), start the Teams application.
  2. After a short time, the call you are participating in from another device will be displayed above.

a) Press "Participate".


b) A new window will pop up asking how you want to join with this device. Once you have chosen an option, you can join the call.


Add participants

    1. press "People" during the call

Teilnehmer hinzufügen

    2.Then search for the subscriber you want to add to the call in the search field.

Teilnehmer hinzufügen

    3. As soon as you have added the participant, he will be called. If the subscriber does not participate in the call              immediately, you can request him again via "Request subscriber".

Teilnehmer hinzufügen

Putting through a call

If you receive a call and you are not at work or connected to the desired device, you can transfer the call. This means that the call is put on hold and you can dial back into the call with the desired device or forward it to another contact.

This function is used for users who do not have a team on their smartphone, for example. Also, this makes sense if you want to forward a call manually.

    1. press the three dots during the call and then "Transfer".


    2. Then enter the desired contact or phone number and press "Put me through".



Functions in teams

Trace call history and missed calls

  1. On the left side of the bar press "Calls", there you will find:

          a.the dial for calls
          b.the history (incoming/outgoing/missed calls and voicemails)
          c.the speed dial (can be customized using the button above the function)

Organize and manage contacts

Viewing contacts

  1. on the left side of the bar press "Calls" and then "Contacts".
  2. here you will see the contacts of the department.

          a. Contacts can be searched using the search field.

Kontakte einsehen

   3. You can add more contacts via "Add contact".

Kontakte hinzufügen


Group contacts

  1. on the left side of the bar press "Chat" and change the tab from "Chat" to "Contacts".
Kontakte gruppieren

   2. Here you can group your contacts as you like, for a bit more overview.

          a. To create a new contact group, press "Create new contact group".

          b. To add a new contact to a contact group, press the three dots next to the group and then select "Add contact to this group".

Kontakte gruppieren



Open settings

  1. Press the three dots at the top right and then "Settings".
  2. After that, a new window opens where you can make various adjustments.
Einstellungen öffnen


Open the settings and then press "Calls".



  1. Forwarding can be defined under answering rules.
  2. If you select "Let calls ring me", it is possible to define:

          a. who should also be called (new number or new contact/no one else/call group)
          b. what should happen if you are not reachable at the moment (Voicemail/New number or new contact/Do nothing/Call group)
          c. the ringing time until the call is forwarded



   3. If you select "Forward my calls", the following can be defined:
          a. Where the caller should be forwarded to (voicemail/new number or new contact/call group).



  1. You open the settings and then select "Calls".
  2. Under "Voicemail", a user-defined out-of-office greeting can be defined

   3. If you select "Configure voicemail", the following can be defined:




  1. Open the settings and then press "Calls".
  2. Under Ringtones, the ringtones can be adjusted manually.


You open the "Settings" and then press "Devices".


Audio devices

  1. Here you can configure the audio device as well as the speaker and the microphone.
  2. After the adjustments, you can check the configuration via "Make test call".
Audio Geräte

Secondary ringing tone

The secondary ringer allows you to specify a secondary device that will ring when an incoming call is received. By default, there is only the visual notification at the top and an audible ringer in the headset. You can answer the calls from any device, not just the ones that ring.

Sekundärer Rufton

Fix audio problems

  1. If you are in a team meeting and cannot receive audio, please check your computer to make sure the audio is set appropriately.
Audioprobleme beheben





Dealing with emergency numbers

Since you have now become a "normadic" subscriber with Teams telephony, your calls from Teams to the police, fire department or other emergency numbers are transferred directly to the external emergency call centers. At Irchel, for example, such calls from teams no longer go to the Irchel service center, but directly to the external emergency call centers, which has cost consequences in the case of false alarms. For emergency alerts within UZH, use the corresponding function in the app "UZH now" or your cell phone so that location information can be transmitted.

The UZH Service Centers can also be reached from teams via the following numbers

Service Center Irchel: 54141

Service Center Zentrum: 44444

For calls to external numbers, it is no longer necessary to pre-dial "0".