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Data protection

Please note that according to the UZH Data Protection Department, you should still not use ZOOM for the following situations:

  • For conversations that are subject to professional secrecy (e.g., professional secrecy of physicians and psychologists as well as medical research).
  • For conversations that contain special personal data of third parties (e.g. health data or data on religious affiliation).

Please also note:

  • Video conferences must be password protected.
  • Use of the ZOOM app is preferable to browser-based use.
  • Participation in ZOOM conferences via telephone is entirely unencrypted and is not recommended.
  • Participation in ZOOM conferences at UZH is not possible by telephone, as telephone connections are unencrypted. An alternative for most cases would be for participants to install the ZOOM app on their smartphone and join the conference via WLAN or mobile data with the video turned off (audio only) .

Further explanations can be found on the website of the Data Protection Officer of the Canton of Zurich under the keyword ZOOM