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SYMPA for subscribers


Students and employees of the University of Zurich who already have a working e-mail address are automatically registered. They log in directly with their WebPass-credentials or via "SWITCH AAI | edu-ID".

Students from another Swiss university or college that is connected to SWITCH AAI | edu-ID do not need to register specifically and log in directly via "SWITCH AAI | edu-ID".

All other persons have to apply for an account under First Registration. They will then receive a confirmation e-mail with which they can definitely register.

Log in / Log out

Logging in on the web

You can find the web access of the listserv via the URL

  • If you have a University of Zurich e-mail address, you can log in directly with WebPass. Click "login localy" and enter your WebPass-credentials
  • As a member of a SWITCH-AAI | edu-ID affiliated institution (Swiss universities) use the AAI login.
  • All other users log in directly with your e-mail address.

Login via e-mail

If you only want to communicate with the list server via e-mail, you do not need to log in.

Subscribe to lists

After logging in, you will see the lists that are available. You can then subscribe to these lists:

  1. Click on Domain
  2. A click on a domain (e.g. IT Services) shows you the available mailing lists.
  3. Select the desired list.
  4. The various list functions now appear in the left margin.
  5. Select the Subscribe function.
  6. The confirmation of the subscription will be sent to the e-mail address that is in the subscribe / unsubscribe field.


Messages can either be sent by e-mail as usual, or the corresponding web interface can be used directly:

  1. Log in to the list you want to send to.
  2. Select Send in the left margin.
  3. Edit title and text field.
  4. After creating the message, press Send e-mail.

Weiterführende Informationen

Newsletter / urgent messages

Everyone can subscribe to this list. The IT managers are automatically subscribed. The web interface for the other subscribers can be found here: