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Sympa for Listmaster

Create lists

With the master account for your domain (usually listmaster@<institut> you get the role "Privileged Listmaster" and can create any lists. This is done via the button Create List in the header of the SYMPA web pages. This button, which is only visible if you are authorized to create lists based on your registration, takes you to a page where you have to choose between different list types.

List types

  • Confidential list: Only the owner can add members. Hidden list, where internal discussion can take place.
  • Public discussion list: This creates a publicly visible discussion list where anyone can add themselves. All members can read and write without censorship. They publish under their own email address.
  • Hotline list: This creates a list that anyone / everyone can post to. The posts are read by the hotline staff.
  • HTML newsletter: This creates a publicly visible moderated list whose posts are made available in HTML and text.
  • Mailing list for intranets: This creates a discussion list where only members with email addresses of the domain <institute> can subscribe.
  • News Letter: This creates a publicly visible, moderated list whose posts are made available in text only.
  • Private working group: This creates a hidden list whose membership is controlled by the list owner / listowner.
  • Web Forum: This creates a publicly visible discussion list that is edited primarily over the web. Digests are sent as e-mails.
  • Mailing list for UZH: This creates a discussion list where only members with email addresses ending in "" can subscribe.

Modify lists

Configure lists

As a listmaster of a domain, you work as a privileged list owner. This gives you the right to create and delete lists in addition to an extended set of configuration options.

Rename lists

If you want to rename a list, contact Central IT.

Delegate lists

Under Admin/List Configure/List Description, add additional owners. These will then be given the role of a simple list owner.

Delete lists

Lists are deleted under Admin/Delete list. Server internally the lists are not deleted with it, but only closed. Two weeks after a list has been deleted by an IT owner, it will also be removed from the server.

Delegate list

Define owner

Under Admin/Edit List Config/List definition/Owner the list owners are entered.

If the delegated list owner is set the attribute "Privileged", he has all possible privileges for the corresponding list and he can also define further list owners.


Hierarchical lists

With SYMP you can create hierarchical lists under "Admin / Configure list / Data source / Insert list".

Since the list owner gets insight into their subscribers when specifying sublists and also any lists of other institutes can be specified, such lists have to be configured by Central IT or the IT managers.

When configuring such lists, we ask you to weigh up data protection considerations particularly carefully. This means, for example, not to pass on the insight into the subscribers if the list includes information from other institutes, and not to delegate the administration of such lists.

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