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Meetings and webinars: host and participate

Configuring and testing audio and video

Before a meeting and webinar, test your audio and video settings. Good voice quality is most important. Therefore, whenever possible, use a USB audio device designed for this purpose (e.g. a headset).

  1. In the app under «Home» go to Settings at the top right.
    Zoom (PNG, 104 KB)
  2. Choose your audio and video device. Carry out a function test.
    functional test
    Zoom (PNG, 187 KB)


Hosting meetings and webinars

The following links provide more information on conducting meetings or webinars in the "Host" or "Alternate Moderator" role.

Participating in meetings and webinars

Here are the two recommended ways to participate in meetings or webinars.

  • Participation via ZOOM link
    Click the Zoom link for the meeting or webinar provided by the host/organizer. Meeting ID (11 digits) and passcode are already integrated in such links. This will take you first to the waiting room before the start, or directly to the meeting or webinar, depending on the situation.
    Zoom (PNG, 77 KB)


  • Participation via "join button" in the Zoom desktop or mobile app
    See Zoom Support Website

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