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UZH Print Plus – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view my transaction summary of copies, print jobs and scans made?

Unfortunately, neither employees nor students have the possibility to get an overview of transactions of copies, print jobs and scans directly online. There is no such online portal.

I am leaving UZH and would like to have my remaining balance refunded!

Please fill out the following form:
(Balances of less than CHF 5.- are not refunded)

UZH Print Plus - Refund remaining balance

Note: As Print4Guests cards are impersonal accounts, refunds are not possible.

Can the existing CampusCard of ZSUZ still be used?

No. The previous CampusCard of ZSUZ can no longer be used. Unfortunately, the credit balances on the previous Campuscard also belong to the bankruptcy estate of ZSUZ. Accordingly, we, for our part, cannot exercise any influence on existing credit balances at ZSUZ.

Credit top up is not possible - Message "Transaction rejected (Budgeting is not enalbed for user)"

The message "Transaction rejected (Budgeting is not enabled for user ''<shortname>")" means that your account is in the UZH Print Plus 4Staff service. Your printing costs will be charged to your institute. Therefore no credit is necessary for you.

Why can't I print on my Mac with OS X 10.8 and older?

Print jobs are transmitted to the server via the SMB protocol. There are now several versions of this protocol, the most recent is version 3.1.1. Mac OS X up to 10.8 only support version 1 (SMBv1), which is considered to be insecure due to its age. For security reasons, this version SMBv1 is no longer supported in the UZH Print Plus solution.

What is the retention time of print jobs?

Each print job is kept for a period of 72 hours in the secure print queues UZHPrintPlus / UZHPrintPlus_PS / UZHPrintPlus_SAP. Within that 72 hour period a job can be printed on any multifunction device.

Once this period has expired print jobs are deleted.