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Mailing with own address master


The sending of e-mails with an own address master (e.g. local contacts in Notes) is also subject to Reim §9 (permission) and §14 (misuse), should be done extremely sparingly and purposefully and should be directly related to the maintenance of the operation of teaching, research and central services. The sending of attachments is possible.

For large email sends, it is generally recommended to send each email individually. Advantages:

  • Control over successful sending.
  • High probability that spam filters at the addressee's end do not incorrectly mark e-mails as spam.
  • Analysis effort in case of technical problems is kept as low as possible (focused on individual mails)

E-mail client

The e-mail client and mail server must be able to handle the number of e-mails sent.
The following limits apply in the UZH Exchange environment:

Max. Number of recipients per e-mail 500
In addition, there is a 24h limit on the number of e-mails per sender
(If the quota is exceeded, the sending of e-mails will be blocked for
emails will be blocked for up to 24h (mail information to sender).
Max. Number of e-mails per minute
(It simply waits for the next minute)
Max. Size of an e-mail 100 MB
Max. Number of characters in subject 255
Max. Number of mails in a folder 1'000'000 pieces

General limit information regarding ...

  • personal and shared mailbox, ...
  • MS Teams (general, private channels, files, chat, video, trash, recovery) and ...
  • Sharepoint / OneDrive (including storage capacity, file sizes, characters allowed) ...

can be found on our UZH365 Sharepoint page Das Endliche der Unendlichkeit (de).
Please also note the links there to the manufacturer's specifications under the Source of the safer port section.

Groups / Lists

For distribution groups stored in the address book of an organization, the group is considered as one recipient. For distribution groups stored in the contacts folder of a mailbox, the members of the group are counted individually. How to create a local distribution list is written among other things on our Outlook support page ...

    FAQ 23: Creating a Distribution List

or on the MS support pages ...

    Use mail merge to send bulk email messages
    Data sources you can use for a mail merge
    Prepare your Excel data source for a Word mail merge

In the case of lists, only interested parties should generally be contacted and it must be ensured that users can unsubscribe by simple means.

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