UZH Print Plus - Top Up Credit

In order to be able to use the paid UZH Print Plus services, credit must be topped up in advance. The recharging takes place exclusively online via a portal listed below:

Procedure for Topping Up Your Credit

The UZH short name and personal password (Active Directory) are required to log in to the credit portal. The password can be managed in Identity Management.

The following payment options are available:

  • Postfinance
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Please note: The credit is managed within the software solution and is not loaded onto the UZH-Card. A possible change of the UZH card therefore has no effect on the credit balance.

1.a Login for Students

To top up and check the current balance, log in using your username and password.


Note: Refunds on transactions via PostFinance are only possible for 12 months. After that time refunds are no longer possible. From the refunds fee of CHF 5 will be deducted from refunds, so balances below CHF 5 will not be refunded. The refund of credits is only available to UZH members.

1.b Login for Guests

To top up and check the current balance, log in using your PIN.

TopUP Login PIN

Note: As Print4Guests cards are impersonal accounts, refunds are not possible.

2. Overview of credit balances

After logging in, the current credit balance is visible. You can change the budget by topping it up.

Guthaben aufladen


3. Top up credit

The following information is mandatory for loading the credit:

  • Desired amount of money in CHF (minimum amount to top up is 5 CHF).
  • Name (first and last name)
  • E-mail address (used for the electronic confirmation of the payment)
Aufladen des Budgets

By clicking on Continue, the payment process is initialized.

Initialisierung des Zahlungsvorgangs


4. Choice of payment method

After initialization, the various payment methods are available for selection. By clicking on the respective logo it is selected. Available are:

  • Postfinance
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
Zahlungsmethode auswählen


5. Payment processing

If the payment has been successfully processed and accepted, a corresponding message appears.

Akzeptierte Zahlung

Afterwards, you will be redirected back to the credit portal. The confirmation of receipt of payment will be sent to the e-mail address on file.

Important: It may take several minutes before the change is displayed in the credit overview.

6. Updated credit balance

After a few minutes the new credit is also visible in the credit balance. The change is also listed under "Last Budget Recharges".

Aktualisierte Guthabenanzeige


Transaction failed?

If the message "Transaction invalid" appears after completing a transaction to load credits, please notify us using the appropriate form.