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Central IT Staff

Telephone and E-Mail Directory

The web telephone directory data is maintained by the Telephony division. Please report any changes to the data via the Telecom Delegates.

Electronic E-Mail and Telephone Directory

Central IT prepares the data from the telephone and e-mail directory for publication in

The telephone directory is updated daily and the e-mail directory hourly.

The e-mail directory is provided by Central IT and consists of different directories. If you do not want your e-mail address to be published, you can arrange this via your Telecom Delegate.

LOCAL.CH Directories

Entries in the Directories public telephone directory

Additional entries under the main entry of the University of Zurich can only be ordered by the Telephony division. If your institution would like a Directories entry, please contact Silvia Peterlin.

Note: Public Web Directory (LOCAL.CH)