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Central IT Staff

Brief Profile of the Telephony Group (Tel)

The Telephony Group is responsible for the planning, procurement, and operation of the university's voice communication networks. It is responsible for the internal and external telephone directories.


  • Operation and maintenance of the telephone systems
  • Modifications, relocations, and new installation of telephone equipment
  • Accounting of telephone costs
  • Maintenance of internal and external telephone directories
  • Consulting, training, and hotline for users
  • Evaluation, planning, and procurement of systems and equipment

The services are provided for university members, institutes, and other departments.


The Telephony Division is part of the Infrastructure division of Central IT.


Employees :

  Main Tasks
Silvia Peterlin 

Phone directories, NatelGo applications

Thomas Vetterli 

Planning and procurement, head of specialist group

Andreas Gruber 

projects, new installations, consulting

Cooperation with Other University Departments

Due to the geographical spread of users and the large number of connections, end user support can only be provided in collaboration with competent, decentralized partners. For modifications and operating issues, the Telecom Delegates act as the interface to the users. The aim is to ensure that all user queries reach the Telephony division via the Delegates.


The Telephony division ensures a comprehensive, modern basic supply of fixed and mobile communications for university members.

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