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Central IT Staff

Decommissioning/Reuse or Disposal of IT Equipment

General Information

  • The IT equipment procured with institute funds is the property of the University of Zurich.
  • Institutes and departments are responsible for deciding on how to deal with old, defective, or unused IT equipment.
  • IT equipment may be sold under certain circumstances, provided it cannot be reused within UZH.


The Department of Materials and Logistics at the University of Zurich runs an equipment exchange, with the purpose of returning functional but unused equipment to service.


Disposal points have been set up for defective, obsolete, and no longer usable IT equipment. The devices are professionally disposed of at these points. Please contact the disposal team responsible for your location.

Contact list of disposal teams

Please do NOT send the devices to Central IT without being explicitly requested to do so!

Weiterführende Informationen

UZH Equipment Exchange

Further information is available here on the UZH equipment exchange