The SAP standard solution Human Resource (SAP HR) is used for the management of HR administration, including payroll accounting. Teaching staff and professor data is also managed via this solution.

Online services through which the HR managers of the institutes and departments can trigger various HR processes directly in SAP (see eHR) can also be used. In the medium to long term, it should be possible for all UZH employees to use these services.

The entire UZH organizational structure is mapped in SAP Organizational Management.


Various processes such as the hiring of employees, the changing of employment level, the changing of account assignment object, the extension of a limited employment contract, or the termination of employment by employees including leaving the company are supported at UZH with digital workflows that are fully integrated into SAP and can be operated via a web interface. These workflows allow the uniform, simple, and intuitive system-guided processing of the above-mentioned HR tasks with a clear distribution of roles for all stakeholders. The workflows offer multilevel release processes and support quality assurance measures.

This simplifies work, reduces processing times, ensures compliance with cantonal regulations, and creates transparency in terms of responsibilities and the status of individual tasks.

The other HR processes will also be successively converted to this eHR solution.