Printing from SAP

My printer is missing in SAP

Before you can print from SAP, you must first set up a corresponding profile for your printer. If you have not yet requested a printer, follow the procedure in the graphic and open a ticket using the  web form Requesting new SAP printers/Printer problems. Check beforehand whether the printer has a valid IP address and is postscript-compatible.

If you have already requested a printer in SAP, continue with the section "Printing from SAP no longer works".

Printing from SAP
Printing from SAP
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Printing from SAP no longer works

Please request support in any case by filling out the printer support form.

You can also print on your local printer in SAP by selecting one of the following printers

  • 000B (only Windows)
  • 000D (Mac OS and Windows)
  • 000E (Mac OS and Windows)

It is possible that your evaluation in SAP is processed in the background (for example, when creating the detailed account sheet). You can then send your print request to the printer via the menu option System > Services > Output control.

Note: These printers are NOT officially supported in Citrix.

You can also select "Mail" as the printer in SAP. The document is sent to you as a PDF document to the e-mail address registered in your SAP user account. You can then print this document outside of SAP using your local printer.

Note: It can take up to ten minutes before the document arrives by e-mail.

You can also print in SAP using UZH Print Plus, provided your department/institute already uses this service for printing outside SAP. To do this, select the printer "UZH-Print-Plus" or "UPP1" for short in SAP. UZH Print Plus is also suitable for the output of Escriba documents (forms, certificates, etc.).

The IP address of my printer has changed

Please fill out the printer support form.

My workplace has moved / is being relocated

Please fill out the printer support form.

Unsupported printers

  • Printer with password protected print output (e.g. Canon IR)
  • Printer without Postscript capability
  • GDI (Graphics Device Interface) printer, also called "host-based": With these printers, the printing mechanism is controlled directly by the computer.
  • Canon with additional designation CARPS or UFRII-LT (printer language is host-based)
  • Printer with printer language HP PCL 3 GUI (printer language is host-based)