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Your UZH e-mail address is part of the UZH online services. After you have received your login details, you can set up a password for your UZH e-mail account in the Security Identity Manager (Active Directory).

Caution! In the Identity Manager you have to set the password for Active Directory for your UZH e-mail. The service "Email / Collaboration" still refers to the outdated e-mail system of HCL-Notes and has a wrong name.

Webmail Access

You can easily access your UZH e-mail account via any web browser and log into webmail, e.g. at public workstations, at home or on any mobile device.




UZH short name or e-mail address
(e.g. fmuster /

Active Directory Password

Outlook Mobile App

You can also synchronize your UZH mailbox on your mobile devices. A smartphone app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can find instructions on how to install it in our Knowhow database.

Setting up e-mail in the Outlook for Android app

Setting up e-mail in the Outlook for iOS app

Outlook (Desktop App)

Outlook is included in the Microsoft 365 package. Depending on whether you work on a computer managed by UZH ("managed client") or not, you install the package from the Software Center (employees, German only) with the Office 365 installer from the Office Portal (students).

To set up a new account in Outlook for Windows, select File, then Add Account, specify your primary email address and click connect. For the account type, select Microsoft 365. Finally, log in to the UZH page of the Microsoft 365 Portal with your UZH Shortname or primary email address. In Outlook for Mac, select Outlook > Preferences > Accounts and click the plus icon (new account) there.

Add an email account to Outlook

IMAP Access

You can also use other e-mail clients to access your UZH e-mail account, but you will not have access to calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, etc. The University of Zurich offers IMAP access for incoming e-mail traffic and SMTP access for outgoing e-mail traffic.

Configuration guide for IMAP Clients

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