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FAQ's Telephony UZH

New telephone connection/equipment or a voicemail box?

Q: Where do I apply for a new telephone line/machine or voicemail box?

A: A new application as well as a change of configuration can be applied for via your Telecom Delegate or your institute secretariat, as can a change in the directories

Call forwarding to an external telefon line or mobile phone

Q: Is call forwarding to an external phone number or mobile phone possible?

A: You can enter call forwarding to an external number in exactly the same way as call forwarding to an internal number. The only thing you have to consider is:

  • the external number must be entered exactly as it is dialled on the phone
  • The external number must correspond to the authorization profile of the telephone connection
  • the call charges for the diverted call are charged to your connection!


Can the display of my phone number be suppressed?

Q: Can I suppress the display of my phone number?

A: To suppress the display of my phone number for a call, enter *31 before entering the <phone number>. This will prevent the own phone number and the display name from being transmitted, the called party will see "Phone number suppressed".
This function can be used for internal and external calls.

When you end the call, the caller ID suppression is deactivated again

Why can't I dial value added numbers 0900, 0901, 0906?

Q: Why can't I dial value added numbers 0900, 0901, 0906?

A: Most value added numbers are blocked for employees. Please note that many services offered on 0900 numbers are also available free of charge on the Internet (e.g. SBB timetable, airport arrival times, etc.)

What music on hold is played?

Q: What music on hold is played?

A: Annual programme of music on hold:

January Scott Joplin: Piano Rags, Stoptime Rag, Joshua Rifkin
February Schweizer Oktett: Heimwärts, Evviva i Soci
March R. V. Williams: Fantasia on Green Sleeves, Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy
April Jack Palmer, Spencer Williams: I've found a new baby
May Gottschalk: Pasquinade Op. 59, David Helfgott
June Gilles Apap & The Colors of Invention: Lost Indian and Ways of the World
July Keith Jarrett: Köln Konzert Part 2c
August J. Rodrigo: Concerto de Aranjuez, Adagio, Carlos Bonell (Charles Dutoit)
September G. F. Händel: Wassermusik, Alla Hornpipe, Lorin Maazel
October Bireli Lagrene: Autumn Leaves
November Reinhard Heldner, Naïve altitude: D'Flottu elf
December Joh. Seb. Bach; Kantate no. 147, Jesus bleibet meine Freude, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra


How to configure the dialling method in a fax machine?

Q: How to configure the dialing method in a fax machine?


  • Dialling method = Audio frequency method DTMF
  • Network type = main connection or public network
  • All stored external telephone numbers must begin with an additional digit 0 ( for example: 0 044 634 49 01 )
  • The sender identification is: +41 44 63 <internal telephone number of the FAX machine>


Switching on the answering machine

Q: How can I direct incoming calls to the answering machine?

A: Target number for call forwarding to voicemail is the code *78

For further details see link:

Operating instructions

Can I also listen to my voicemail messages from outside the UZH?

Q: Can I listen to my voicemail box from home or abroad?

A: YES, dial 044 634 11 78 from Switzerland or +41 44 634 11 78 from abroad and let the spoken menu guide you.
IMPORTANT: You need the PIN you defined when you set up your voicemail box. A forgotten or lost PIN must be reset by the administrator, for this purpose please create a ticket

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