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Mobile Telephony at UZH

Mobile Telephony UZH NatelGo is an additional offer for mobile telephony at the University of Zurich and complements fixed-network telephony.

The costs are charged directly to the respective cost centers. The services and obligations are described in the document "Conditions for the procurement and use of the mobile service".

The mobile service is subject to a charge and is only available for official use by employees who are in the salary system of the University of Zurich.

Orders are to be placed exclusively via your telecom delegate.

List of Telecom Delegates

Further Information

Further information such as subscriptions, instructions, prices, Combox, and PIN/PUK instructions can be found in our expertise database.

Mobile help


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Help on the Move from Swisscom Mobile

Business Hotline (24/7 availability) :
0800 055 055 (free of charge)
From abroad:
+41 62 286 12 12 (subject to a charge)