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Citrix EQP

Citrix EQP – The Citrix Infrastructure of Central IT

Central IT's Citrix infrastructure Citrix EQP allows for more than 2000 authorized users to access central systems with Windows frontends, such as SAP, Aleph, Axioma, and others. The Citrix Workspace App allows users to connect to our Citrix infrastructure.

Request Citrix Access

  • UZH Citrix for front-end applications such as SAP, Aleph, Axioma and others
    • UZH members should contact their department's/institute's IT Coordinator.
    • Applications for members of the University Hospital (USZ) must be submitted to, otherwise they cannot be processed.
  • ZLS Citrix for front-end applications of central control systems:
    • Applications for ZLS Citrix must be submitted to, otherwise they cannot be processed.

Why Use Citrix?

The centrally administered virtual desktops or applications are at the heart of our Citrix infrastructure. This provides authorized users with access to all of the relevant applications and information:

  • at any time
  • from anywhere
  • from any terminal
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and others
  • via any network connection
  • access from outside the UZH via VPN

Applications and data are thus moved from the individual terminal device to the secure environment of Central IT. Setting up a user device for access is simple; the only software necessary is our Citrix Workspace app. As soon as the user is logged into the Citrix infrastructure via the Citrix Workspace app, the desired applications are made available for use. The user's device displays the individual application interfaces and allows for an efficient workflow, as if the applications were installed locally. However, the applications are executed on the computer systems in the data centers of Central IT. The only information shared with the data center is mouse clicks, keyboard entries and screen updates. All data is transmitted across the network via 128-bit encryption.

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