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Microsoft 365 / Teams / Office Applications

Central IT provides Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams, OneNote, the Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ...) and other products to all UZH employees and students to support and promote electronic collaboration at the University. Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines chat, meetings, notes and attachments.

Microsoft 365 is essentially an online service from Microsoft, but also includes a suite of locally installable applications for editing documents stored locally and in the cloud.

Signing up for Microsoft 365 UZH
Installing local Office 365 applications
Microsoft Teams

For more information and documentation check out the Central IT support pages: Microsoft 365 support.

Microsoft Teams help and learning on the Microsoft support page


Microsoft Software at the UZH Workplace

For information and a list of available software, please contact your  IT Coordinator.

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus

Microsoft offers the free use of “Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus” for university members. In addition to the Office software, Microsoft also provides storage space in the cloud (OneDrive). OneDrive may only be used to store private data and for UZH business data. For details on how to install Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus see Installation of Local Office 365 Applications.

Microsoft Work-at-Home

Employees can obtain “Microsoft Work-at-Home” licenses for a wide range of Microsoft products from Studyhouse/Softwareone. The following license terms apply:

  • The software may only be used for work-related purposes on a private computer.
  • The software requires an official license.
  • The Work-at-Home licenses are not limited in time and entitle the user to use the software on a private device at home.
  • The right of use ends when the employee leaves UZH.
  • For Windows upgrades: The user must have a full version of an earlier Windows release.

All UZH employees are entitled to use the software, whereby access is checked via AAI: Studyhouse - Microsoft Work-at-Home

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Questions about Licensing Microsoft Products

Please send an email to from your UZH email address.

Requests from external e-mail addresses will not be processed.