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Video Studios at Irchel

  • Moderator's table
    Moderator's table
  • Armchairs with side tables
    Armchairs with side tables
  • Round table discussion
    Round table discussion
  • Studio equipment
    Studio equipment
  • Examples of monochrome backgrounds / green screen
    Examples of monochrome backgrounds / green screen
  • View towards control room
    View towards control room
  • Teleprompter
  • View from control room
    View from control room
  • Control room
    Control room
  • MOOC studio: standing desk with Smartboard
    MOOC studio: standing desk with Smartboard
  • MOOC studio: dark background
    MOOC studio: dark background
  • MOOC studio: recording equipment
    MOOC studio: recording equipment
  • Vocal booth
    Vocal booth
  • Vocal booth
    Vocal booth

At Irchel, we operate two studios as well as a voice booth for voice recordings. Both studios as well as the voice booth are serviced. In exceptional cases, if the demand is high, the smaller MOOC studio can also be used in self-service after an introduction. If you are interested, please contact us via our web form (category Video und Multimediaproduktion).

Large studio

  • for recording 1-4 people, seated or standing, in a quiet environment with controlled light conditions

  • adjacent control room that allows for live streaming, also with external speakers

  • moderator's table or armchairs with side tables

  • 1-3 4K cameras (usually max. 2 operated)

  • backgrounds: patterned; for front shots also neutral white, black, monochrome, or green screen (incl. full body)

  • The patterned side walls can be pushed to the side if necessary, providing a large room with a black background for special shots.

  • monitor teleprompter, i.e. not only scrolling text, but also entire screens (e.g. PPT slides)

  • glass steles with UZH logo

  • animation table (camera mounted vertically above table)

Small MOOC studio

  • for standardized talking-head recordings with 1-2 people at height-adjustable standing table
  • 1 frontal HD camera
  • Smartboard for annotations
  • monitor teleprompter
  • neutral background; green screen possible on request (no full body)

Vocal booth

  • for recording off-camera commentary for videos or voice recordings, e.g. for teaching materials or research projects; also for voice recordings for your self-produced videos
  • soundproof, ventilated booth with control monitor and intercom system

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Studio tour

Would you like to visit our studios? Contact us via our web form (category Video- und Multimediaproduktion).