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Part of UZH's external purchasing and materials management is carried out centrally in SAP Materials Management by the Materials and Logistics department. In addition, P4U provides an ordering and purchasing platform integrated in SAP, which can be used to order more than 10 million catalogue items.

The “Purchase for you” eProcurement Platform

The P4U (Purchase for you) eProcurement platform enables institutes to efficiently purchase catalogue items from the categories laboratory consumption, IT accessories, books, office supplies, tools, etc. with a minimum of manual effort for downstream processes such as invoice processing. Integration with SAP allows, for example, incoming supplier invoices that have already been released when the order was placed to be posted directly according to the rules of the creditor workflow (KWF). This enables a uniform, end-to-end order processing, from the issuing of purchase orders to payment. With “Purchase for you”, all of the institutes and departments at UZH can benefit from the coordinated negotiations by Strategic Procurement regarding the product range and conditions.

Weiterführende Informationen

Further information

Further information on the “Purchase for you” platform can be found on the website of the Materials and Logistics department.