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Central IT Teaching and Research

Platforms for Your Web Services

IT services (ZI) offers you platforms on which you can operate your web infrastructure. This service is available to the institutes, departments, projects, and student organizations of UZH.

“Magnolia” CMS

Magnolia is the first choice for hosting a website. We currently run more than 500 websites on this platform – and the number is increasing. You can apply for a Magnolia publication here.

Realizing a website in Magnolia has many advantages:

  • There are various functions available to you
  • It is easy to learn how to use it (an introductory course is also offered)
  • There is detailed documentation
  • There is a contact point for advice and technical support
  • It is a centrally maintained system, i.e. you do not have to carry out any maintenance.
  • The operation of a CMS is guaranteed even in the distant future

Web and PHP Server

You can create and install dynamic applications (e.g. with read and write access to a database) yourself on the UZH's central web server. Websites operated with the Magnolia CMS automatically have a corresponding area – otherwise, you can request such an area. In both cases, your IT manager will give you access to the web area.

(The following section is intended for IT managers. Only they have access to the pages linked here.) The current PHP version can only be requested by IT managers. With respect to the web areas as well as PHP, we cannot provide more than purely technical support. IT managers and web moderators have several application scenarios at their disposal.


Our standard database is the MySQL compatible MariaDB. This is an easy-to-use relational multi-user database and is suitable for web connections. The application for a MariaDB is done by your IT manager(s).

We can offer consulting and technical support for MariaDB. Should you cause any data or configuration errors however, you must rectify these yourself.

Other Platforms and Services

For the following platforms – except for UZH-Connect – we can only offer technical support.)


Official blogs of institutes, departments, or projects (but not private blogs) can be run on our central WordPress. You will receive the CD (corporate design) of UZH. The URL of such a blog is composed of the institute and the blog abbreviation:<institute abbreviation>-<blog abbreviation>/ (the latter can be omitted from the “main” blog - as with the ZInfo

A blog can only be requested by your IT manager.


With UZH Connect, we have a modern platform for community applications such as forums and wikis. Wikis are only to be opened in UZH-Connect. Learn more in the chapter entitled Wikis in the UZH Connect documentation.

Web Access Statistics

We use Matomo, which sees itself as an alternative to Google Analytics. It has the advantage that log data classed as sensitive under data protection law are stored on one of our servers at UZH. You can request access statistics for your website on our Matomo page.

Mailing Lists

Projects and organizations can have their IT managers set up a mailing list on our Sympa, if the IT managers agree.

TinyURLs/URL Shortener

All UZH members can create TinyURLs (login with short name/WebPass). You can find out more on our TinyURL page.


Switch offers all members of the UZH on a GitLab service. More

Weiterführende Informationen

Service Catalogue

Tech News

Announces operational restrictions on FI services. Addresses IT coordinators in particular. You can view or subscribe to the Tech-News via the following links:

Magnolia CMS Mailing List

Via this list, we inform you about any maintenance and upgrades being implemented to the Magnolia CMS.

Web Moderator Mailing List

This list will inform you about any maintenance and upgrades being carried out on the web and PHP servers.

Web Domains and Hosting

More about Web Domains and Hosting

Only UZH subdomains are hosted on our systems.