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“Matomo” Web Access Statistics


For the compilation of access statistics for University of Zurich websites, Central IT provides Matomo (formerly Piwik). According to Matomo's website, this evaluation software would like to be an alternative to Google Analytics. The advantage of Matomo is that the log data, which is sensitive in terms of data protection, is stored on a separate server within UZH.

Access to Matomo Statistics

Enter the URL of the website as well as the name, e-mail address and the UZH short name of the person that will be responsible for Matomo in the future. This person can then manage the Matomo statistics as the administrator. Should additional people log in to access an existing statistic, they will get read access to it.

Once we confirm registration, you can log in at with your short name/WebPass.


Request Matomo Access Statistics (Please Fill in All Fields)


e.g.: Laura Muster


e.g.: lmuster

Functionality and Configuration of Your Websites

A JavaScript on your web page logs every page hit in the Matomo statistics. However, this JavaScript must be placed on your web page first. few will do this for all websites hosted in the Magnolia CMS. For all other websites, you (or the person responsible for them) must do this. You can find the correct script in the HTML source code of the UZH homepage – but you must replace the SiteId there with your own.

Range of Functions

A site administrator has many configuration options in Matomo. Campaigns can be defined that have to be evaluated specifically. Furthermore, a user administration including role assignment is available, and much more. (New users, however, must be ordered by the Matomo responsible person using the form above).

How to use the statistics?

Wählen Sie den Seitenbereich und das Beobachtungszeitfenster aus.

Message «Keine Daten im Archiv»

Meldung wegklicken, dann wie oben beschrieben die Statistik einsehen!

(This "green" warning message actually only says that a statistic shows no more new web accesses - as is the case with our archive. Unfortunately, this message cannot be configured away.)

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