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Campus Software Licences

Note: At the moment, not all terms in the Appstore are in English.


AppsAnywhere is a web-based "AppStore" for obtaining study-related and other software. The corresponding software packages and the associated licenses can be obtained directly from the app portal and installed on their end device (BYOD).

In order to take full advantage of the store, a small local client must be installed in advance.
This provides important information so that the portal can compile a software offer tailored to your needs.



Login Screen

Login UZH AppsAnywhere



Log in with the AD Login



Auswahl 1. Login
Zoom (JPG, 61 KB)


At the first login please click on
"It's my first time using AppsAnywhere on this device. Let's go"




After entering and logging in to the Softwareportal, you will be asked if you want to install the client. Click Install now.

Zoom (JPG, 34 KB)
Fig. 1: Click on Install Now button

Windows: Confirm the download of the setup file by clicking Save file.
   macOS: Locate & open the downloaded zip file in the download folder.
                (Mac: Unzipping the downloaded file requires macOS 11.0 or newer.)

Zoom (JPG, 39 KB)
Fig. 2: Confirm or verify download.

If this message does not appear, please go to your download folder and check if the file has already been downloaded.

Parallel to the download, a white window with further instructions will appear in the background.
At the end, click the blue button "I have completed installation".

Zoom (JPG, 61 KB)
Fig. 3: Complete the installation.

Validation will be performed and AppsAnywhere Launcher will launch.
Click on the Open link so that the validation can be performed successfully.
After that, the Appstore will be available to you.

Support level

Depending on the software and device type, Central IT offers different levels of support.
The following support levels are distinguished:

   0: no support 
   1: Installation support (only for managed devices) 
   2: Installation support (for managed and BYOD (bring your own devices) devices) 
   3: Application support

- "Installation support" includes all support until the software works on your device.
- "Application support" includes both installation support and assistance in using the software.
- Any support can be requested through the usual channels: