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UZH Web Portal for Business Applications


The UZH Web Portal for Business Applications (in German “UZH-Webportal-Geschäftsapplikationen”) hosts a row of business processes that can be accessed at any point of time. It has one central design and search facility shared by all applications, which eases navigation between its various components.

Following applications are currently available on the UZH Web Portal for Business Applications:

Finance and Controlling

  • Web Reports as well as SNF access point to archived documents
  • Faktura light
  • Kreditorenworkflow (KWF)
  • Payment orders
  • Internal Invoices
  • Transfers

Human Resources

  • eHR


Access to the Web Portal for Business Applications is open to everyone. However, users will only see the applications for which they have been granted access rights. For those, who do not have any, the Web Portal will be empty.


Link to the UZH Web Portal for Business Applications:

For security reasons, registration is carried out using the UZH Active Directory user ID and password as well as the multi-factor authentication from Microsoft, which is also used in MS Teams for example. Enter your UZH e-mail address in the login mask and click "Next".

Microsoft Login


You are then automatically redirected to the UZH Active Directory Login:



Then confirm your login with the second factor you have chosen for Microsoft authentication. If you have not yet set this up, you will find all the information you need under

Microsoft MFA



  • Additional information about your Active Directory User ID and password is available on the login page or at
  • Refer to the section Browser Settings for more information on recommended settings.


Applications are represented on the Portal as individual apps, which are clustered into groups. Each app has a title, a subtitle and a picture as well as a counter (when appropriate, such as on the app “Pendenzen, Belegfreigabe”). A click on an app will take you directly to the respective application.

The main screen with all your apps will be displayed per default when you enter the Web Portal (as shown below). You can always go back to that overview by clicking on the UZH-Sign or on the Arrow-Back “<” symbol. Both are located at the very top of the page. Directly underneath, you will find the Groups for easy access. Alternatively, you may use the drop-down menu “Startseite”, especially if you are using the Web Portal on a mobile device.

Upper part of the screen and application overview
Upper part of the screen and application overview
A A click on «UZH» takes you back to the Application Overview screen.
B Apps/Groups can be selected in the «Startseite» drop-down menu.
C Easy Access: Application Groups are displayed at the top of the screen.
D Main screen
E App group (example)
F Example of app with a counter (here “0”)
G The person-symbol on the right allows you to logout of the Portal.




Finance apps are subdivided into four groups:

FI Belegbearbeitung: Access to the Kreditorenworkflow (KWF) approval screen ("Pendenzen") and invoice overview ("Belegübersicht").

FI Auswertungen: Individual links to reports available on the Reporting Portal (by cost centre, project, etc.) and related e-mail notifications.

FI Belegerfassung: Generation of payment orders and transfers, access to Faktura light.

FI Stammdaten: Link to the overview of financial master data (Finanzreferenzdatenliste) and inquiries for KWF roles and users.

Browser Settings

The UZH Web Portal for Business Applications is supported by all common web browsers. However, the browser and especially browser settings will influence the user’s experience on most of the applications.

Finance apps

Following browsers are adequate to run FI apps: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Cookies have to be activated and if your browser offers that possibility, we recommend opting for an automatic deletion of website data after use.

IMPORTANT: Language settings of your operating system (especially Mac OS) and/or web browser have to be set to German in order to guarantee the correct execution of commands within the various Finance apps. Display of attachments and running the Faktura Light app may otherwise be compromised.

HR apps

Web applications of the HR department are to be launched within Citrix with Firefox to ensure full operability.

Weiterführende Informationen


Access to the web applications of the Finance Office and the Human Resources Department can be requested and managed in the inForm database.