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GitLab is a web application for version management for software projects based on Git, with additional software development functions added later. GitLab is thus not a platform simply for data storage. The size of individual repositories is therefore limited to 15 GB. To store and share files, please use OneDrive UZH, SWITCHdrive or SWITCHfilesender.

Switch is now offering UZH members a GitLab service for universities on The GitLab Community Edition is offered, which is made available as open source software under the MIT license. In addition to version management for software projects, the Community Edition also offers functions that are helpful when creating software, such as a simple bug tracking system or CI (Continuous Integration).


This service can only be used with a SWITCH edu-ID, which must be linked to your UZH-AAI identity. If you do not yet have a SWITCH edu-ID, you can select the "Create with AAI" option when applying for your personal edu-ID and link the edu-ID to your AAI account. If you have not yet linked your SWITCH edu-ID to your UZH-AAI identity, you can do this after logging in to your edu-ID (under Linked Identities).

If you would like to work with external users, they must also register for a SWITCH edu ID and then log into with this ID. People whose SWITCH edu-ID is not linked to a UZH-AAI identity are marked as external in and must be invited to the projects. External users cannot create projects themselves.

Maintenance / Upgrade

The maintenance window for GitLab is the last Monday of every month. Among other things, this is used to carry out upgrades to a new version. The users of the application are informed of the planned maintenance work at least 7 days in advance by means of GitLab notification banners.

Urgent security updates can also be carried out at any time outside of this time window.

Some important functionalities:

Further features

Signed commits: The commits created by GitLab (e.g. for merge requests or in the web editor) are signed with the following SSH key:
ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIGQ9F7FLQO2GA3OGeyx94QnY+/d0H/sSItAWE/N16486

Weiterführende Informationen

Information about GitLab

On the following websites you'll find information about GitLab: