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Central IT Students

Network Access

Cable Connections to the University of Zurich (NUZ) Network

At the UZH City campus, the Irchel campus and various external UZH locations, there are public areas and work rooms with network sockets (NUZ) for your mobile devices.

Instructions for NUZ connections

On the premises of the institutes or the Central Services, the network sockets are not freely accessible (e.g. fixed IP). Should you have any problems, please contact the institute's IT/Network Coordinator or the ICT Workplace Support.

Public Areas with WLAN Access

Most public areas at UZH are equipped with a wireless network (WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network), allowing students and employees of the university to access the network.

Instructions for WLAN connections



Members of other universities can also use the “eduroam” wireless network as part of the eduroam inter-university service.


Guests / Congress Participants

Internet access for guests can be used anywhere where the UZH WLAN is available. All you need to do is select the "uzh-guest" WLAN. Then you must accept the terms of use at the bottom of the page and enter your mobile number in the registration form. You will then receive an access code via SMS, which you can use to activate the access.

All mobile phone subscriptions with which you can receive SMS in Switzerland are supported.