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Changing your UZH E-Mail Address

How Is Your UZH E-Mail Address Generated?

Your UZH e-mail address is automatically generated based on the information you provide in your application. If there are multiple instances of the same name, e.g. John Smith, the names will be numbered consecutively during generation, e.g.

The first names and last names provided in your application must match the details in your official documents (passport or ID) and will otherwise be corrected by Student Services. All last names and the official first name are mandatory.

How Can You Change an Existing UZH E-Mail Address?

If you have changed your name, you can request a name change via 'Meine Anträge' (“My Applications”) in the Student Portal, which will be checked against your official identity card. Once the change has been approved, the UZH e-mail address will be changed accordingly.

A name change not only affects the UZH e-mail address, but also all student documents such as study certificates and graduation documents.

Detailed information on changing your name and address can be found here

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