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Password and Account

During your studies or work at the University of Zurich, you will make use of numerous IT services. The Identity Manager allows you to independently manage your personal access details for all UZH online services, such as e-mail, Active Directory ADFS etc. In order to use the IT services, you must first set up the passwords for the corresponding accounts in the Identity Manager service.


User administration

All passwords must be changed in theIdentity Manager.

Have you forgotten your Identity Manager password or are you unable to log in to Identity Manager?
Instructions Identity Manager Forgotten Password

What IT services are available where can I log in or validate with them?

Identity Management:
The Identity Management Service is the central administration of all accounts and persons.
Access is now possible with Active Directory login and multi-factor verification.
The identity password is only required to change the password or for console

Active Directory:
Access to services that use the local Active Directory or Azure Active Directory with multifactor (MFA / 2FA).
Collaboration with M365 (OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook,...) l ogin to Microsoft online services only with your primary email address, see Userprofile.
ZOOM, PrintPlus, student portal, module booking, Citrix, computer workstations, Windows domain UZH, VPN, WLAN, etc.

SSID "eduroam" -
 eduroam, used on the campus of another university thanks to SSID eduroam.
SSID "uzh" or "uzh-5GHz" - The Active Directory password must be used for the wireless network of the University of Zurich.

validations on UZH websites, like ZORA, password protected websites

Services with special usage:

WebMod FTP server Access to the "classic" web server (in addition to UniCMS), only available via special request and only for functions.


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