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Your UZH e-mail address is part of the UZH online services. After you have received your login details, you can set up a password for your UZH e-mail account in the Security Identity Manager (Active Directory).

Caution! In the Identity Manager you have to set the password for Active Directory for your UZH e-mail. The service "Email / Collaboration" still refers to the outdated e-mail system of HCL-Notes and has a wrong name.

Webmail Access

You can easily access your UZH e-mail account via any web browser and log into webmail, e.g. at public workstations, at home or on any mobile device.




UZH short name or e-mail address
(e.g. fmuster /

Active Directory Password

Outlook Mobile App

You can also synchronize your UZH mailbox on your mobile devices. A smartphone app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can find instructions on how to install it in our Knowhow database.

Setting up e-mail in the Outlook for Android app

Setting up e-mail in the Outlook for iOS app

IMAP Access

You can also use other e-mail clients to access your UZH e-mail account, but you will not have access to calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, etc. The University of Zurich offers IMAP access for incoming e-mail traffic and SMTP access for outgoing e-mail traffic.

Configuration guide for IMAP Clients

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