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Information Security and Data Protection

Information Security

The main purpose of information security is to protect all information and data. Information can be stored on paper, in computers or even in heads. IT security is primarily concerned with the protection of information stored electronically and its processing.

Data Security

Data security is another term for information security. It refers to the protection of data with regard to set requirements for confidentiality, availability, and integrity.

IT Security (IT Security Officer UZH)

IT security is a part of information security and refers to electronically stored information and IT systems. IT security is not only understood to mean the protection of the technical processing of information, but also includes functional security, i.e. the error-free functioning and reliability of IT systems.

IT Security Services (see category IT Security): Service Catalogue

Data Protection

The aim of data protection is to protect individuals from having their personal rights affected by the handling of their personal data. Data protection therefore refers to the protection of personal data from possible misuse by third parties (not to be confused with data security).

For further information :Department of Data Protection at the University of Zurich

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