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Central IT Students

UZH Print Plus 4Students

“UZH Print Plus 4Students” enables UZH students to use the multifunctional devices set up at various locations. A sufficient amount of prepaid credit is required for printing and copying, which can be topped up via the online store. Scans are free of charge.

Usable Functions of the Multifunctional Devices

Subject to a charge:

Free of charge:

Topping up credit

Credit for using the functions subject to a charge can only be topped up online via the portal:

The following payment options are available:

  • Postfinance
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Detailed instructions on how to use the portal can be found at

UZH Print Plus - Topping up Credit

Refund remaining balance

You are leaving UZH and would like to have any remaining balance refunded. A handling fee of CHF 5 will be deducted from refunds, so balances of less than CHF 5 will not be refunded.

Please fill out the following form:

UZH Print Plus - Refund remaining balance

The Following Points Must Be Observed:


The “UZH Print Plus 4 Students” model applies to employees of UZH whose organizational unit has not concluded a user agreement for “UZH Print Plus 4 Staff”. The same applies to all other persons recorded in the UZH identity management system who have an Active Directory account and a UZH card.

Weiterführende Informationen

Engl. Instructions

English instructions

English speakers will find a summary of the instructions here.

UZH Print Plus 4Students

UZH Print Plus 4Students


The loading of credits for the use of the chargeable functions takes place exclusively online via the corresponding

Basic prices for copying and printing


A4 (single-sided/double-sided)
Black and white: CHF 0.08/CHF 0.16
Color: CHF 0.65/CHF 1.30


A3 (single-sided/double-sided)
Black and white: CHF 0.09/CHF 0.18
Color: CHF 0.70/CHF 1.40


There may be deviations in prices between individual units, but the prices published in the list of locations for the respective unit are binding. The scanning of documents is free of charge with UZH Print Plus.

Quick Guide to Printing for Experienced Users

Print jobs should be sent to the “UZHPrintPlus” queue located on the print server named “”. To do this, you must log into the print server with your AD account (“UZH\<shortname>”) and the appropriate password. Print jobs can then be printed on any multifunctional device using the “Secure Print” function.


You can find further detailed information under:

Secure Print