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Where can I find more information about Citrix?

Question: Where can I find more information about Citrix?

Answer: Under the following link:

Password forgotten / Change password

Question: I have forgotten my password for Citrix, how can I change it?

Answer: The password for Citrix access (UZH AD) can be changed via the Identity Manager of UZH.

Integrating a new printer in Citrix

Question: How can I add a new printer in Citrix?

Answer: Please proceed according to the following instructions.

Where can I find the snipping tool?

Question: Where can I find the snipping tool?

Answer: Start --> Accessories --> Snipping Tool

Tip: It is best to attach it to the taskbar with the right mouse button the first time you use it, this saves a second search.

Set default printer / prevent automatic start of the pdf creator

Question: What do I do if I want to print to a different printer by default?

Question: As soon as I want to print, the PDF creator is started automatically. How can I change this?

Answer: Please proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "START" with the right mouse button
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Icon Select printer
  4. Click with the right mouse button on the desired printer
  5. Click "Set as default printer" in the pull-down menu

Request a new Citrix account

Question: How can I request a new Citrix account?

Answer: You can find information on this at

Show "Computer (My Computer)" and "User files" on the desktop

Question: How can I display the icons for "Computer (My Computer)" and "User Files" on the desktop?

Answer: Start --> Accessories --> Windows Explorer

Tip: Pinning to the taskbar the first time you use it will save you having to search for it the next time.

Download files to local computer

Question: How can I download files to my local computer?

Answer: Citrix routes the local drives of your computer directly through and displays them under Citrix. To display the drives, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "START" with the right mouse button
  2. Select Explorer

Download of files to local computer is not possible

Question: Why can't I move files to or from my local computer?

Answer: In order for Citrix to access the local computer, the user must first allow it. This is done as follows:

  1. Under Citrix, open the XEN desktop toolbar in the top center of the screen
  2. Open settings
  3. Activate the read/write rights in the file access tab
Zoom (JPG, 89 KB)

Change character set on Mac

Question: Why did the character set change when working with SAP via Citrix client? How can I switch back to the original character set?

Answer: The character set changes when working on a Mac computer and a print screen is made when working in the SAP system via Citrix client (by simultaneously pressing the command and shift keys and the '3' or '4' key).

You can reset the character set by pressing the command and shift keys simultaneously.

Save in Excel not possible / "Save as" button missing in Excel

Question: When I download a list from SAP into Excel, I cannot save it. Why?

Answer: If the start button in Excel is missing, the list cannot be saved. This is the result of the SAP call of the Microsoft Office.

This can be avoided by configuring the toolbar for quick access.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Start Excel in Citrix: START --> Microsoft Office --> Excel
  2. Within Excel, select the path File --> Options --> Toolbar for quick access
  3. Move all desired commands (including Save As) to the right and accept the new configuration with OK

Afterwards, the selected commands are available at any time.

Systems offered in SAP Logon

Question: Where can I find the Q22 in the SAP Logon?

Answer: In the SAP Logon, only the two productive systems P01 (finance, HR, logistics) and P22 (SAP SLCM, parking lot management, university for seniors and address management) are offered as standard.

The complete SAP Logon with all systems (including development or test systems) must be taken from the program list or linked from it again. It can be found under

Start --> SAP Front End --> SAP Logon - All Systems:

Alle Systeme
Zoom (JPG, 15 KB)

Select SAP logon theme

Question: I can't get along with the currently set theme. How can I use the desired theme?

Answer: You can choose from eight different themes:

Change SAP Theme (DE) (MP4, 1 MB)

We recommend the SAP signature theme (without corbu symbols), since all current training material is based on this theme.

Display and sort keys in drop-down lists

For more effective input with the keybord in controls in SAP, the keys can be displayed as drop-down lists and sorted by key. This can also be set in the options of SAP logon under "interaction design".

  1. In the SAP logon window, click on the icon in the upper left-hand corner and then on "options":
    Optionen SAP-Logon
  2. Click on "interaction design" and then on "visualization 1". Check the two boxes "show keys in drop-down lists" and "sort in drop-down lists by key for more effective keyboard input". Confirm with OK.
  3. After the change, SAP logon must be restarted.

This app has been locked by the system administrator

Question: When I try to open a PDF, I get the error message "This app has been blocked by the system administrator". How can I open the PDF anyway?

Answer: You have to declare the program (app) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as standard in your Citrix. This is done as follows:

  1. Start --> Settings --> System --> Standard apps --> select standard apps by file type
  2. For file type .pdf select the app Adobe Acrobat Reader DC instead of Adobe Acrobat DC

XenDesktop toolbar

Question: What can I set in the XenDesktop toolbar?

XenDesktop Symbolleiste
Zoom (JPG, 20 KB)

Answer: The toolbar within Citrix EQP provides various functions:

HOME: The Citrix EQP session is minimized to make the local desktop visible. Clicking on the Citrix Desktop Viewer icon in the taskbar opens it again.

UZH Citrix: Here you can see your started session. If you have started several different sessions, you can switch between them.

Ctrl+Alt+Del: With a click on this button

  • you have access to the task manager (here you can see the running/active processes)
  • you can log out (programs are closed and the session is terminated)

Settings: Are recommended as follows:

Display: Best resolution
File access: read/write permission
Flash: Do not optimize content
Microphone & Webcam: Do not use microphone & webcam

Window: Here you can choose whether you want to see the Citrix session in full screen mode or as a "window".

Disconnect: You can disconnect the session, leaving all open programs open. When you open the Citrix Receiver again, you will find the session as you left it.

Attention: It is recommended to log off so that profile settings can be saved/reloaded. You can do this with "Ctrl+Alt+Del" as described above or under "Start -> Logout".

Set task bar

Question. Where can I adjust the taskbar settings?

Answer: Right-click on the taskbar and select settings. In this menu you can, among other things, set the grouping of the buttons to "never" or change the position of the taskbar.

Show desktop

Question: How can I close all windows under Citrix and display the desktop?

Answer: Click with the left mouse button on the taskbar and click on "show desktop".

Pinning programs to the taskbar

Question: How can I attach programs to the taskbar?

Answer: Start the program from the start menu. Then right-click on the corresponding icon in the taskbar and select "pin to taskbar".

Switch Word field functions on/off

Question: How can I set Word to display field functions?

Answer: For certain Word documents that are called from SAP, it is useful to have the function "Field functions on/off" in the menu immediately available.

For example, with Word text modules, the function used or the "contents", i.e. the stored text, can be displayed with one click.

The adjustment for this is done via File --> Options --> "Toolbar for quick access". The function can be found under "All commands". It must be moved from the left to the right side with the button "Add". 

Zoom (JPG, 163 KB)

Change overwrite / insert mode in SAP

Question: How can I switch between insert and overwrite mode in SAP?

Answer: By clicking on the button with the name OVR or INS in the lower right corner of the SAP GUI.

Insert Override