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Access Rights, Licensing and Publication

Depending on how you want to publish your recording (see also Publication), the configuration of access rights and usage licenses is done in OLAT or in SWITCHcast MediaSpace.

Access rights

By default the access rights of a recording are set to "private". Recording owners can change the settings:

  • In OLAT you control the access as course administrator* via the member administration of the course and the configuration of the module "Kaltura". Further information can be found here: OLAT Manual
  • If you do not use OLAT, define the access rights in SWITCHcast MediaSpace. We recommend to always assign recordings to a channel to control access via the channel, not via individual recordings. If the channel does not yet exist, you can create it yourself (does not happen automatically). Any channel playlists will take over the rights of the channel they belong to.
Verfügbare Zugriffsrechtsoptionen in SWITCHcast
Access rights options available in SWITCHcast


By default, MELS sets the access right to "private" for each recording. Please note that extending the access rights, for example to "organization", will have an impact on the handling of third-party material, e.g. in your PowerPoint presentation. From a copyright perspective, you will then no longer be using the material in a closed course.

Video Tutorials: Channels & publication



By choosing the license, you define how the authorized persons are allowed to use the content. If you specify usage license in the video itself, you can select "As defined in content". You can also make your content available under a Creative Commons license (see creative commons). Without a license specification, "All Rights reserved" applies. We recommend you to define a license in any case to avoid misunderstandings.


You can publish your recordings in different ways:

  • OLAT courses: add the recordings you want to publish to the "Media Gallery" in the course element "Kaltura". Further information can be found here: OLAT Manual
  •  Integration into Web Pages: Embed recordings into your web page using embed codes. Channels cannot be embedded. However, you can create embeddable channel playlists.
  • Link:

    Share links to recordings, channels, or channel playlists with your target audience.

Download files of event recordings currently contain the audio and the camera image.