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UZH Print Plus - Printing with shortname

Create print job

Creating print jobs requires an active connection to the UZH network:

  • At home, a VPN connection must first be established for this.
  • At the university, connect the computer to the WLAN UZH (if there is no wired LAN connection via the institute network etc.)

The printer can be used as usual after installation and is displayed in the printer dialog as UZHPrintPlus.

On the Mac, you must enter the user name and password only when you create the print job. Make sure to add UZH\ before the short name.

Note: To prevent the password prompt from appearing with every print job, the user name and password can be saved using "Save Password in Keychain.

Printing at the university

After sending the print job, it can be printed on a multifunctional device for 72 hours Locations.

1. Verification on the device

For verification on the multifunction device, hold the UZH card to the card reader. If a login window appears on the display: Enter UZH Shortname and Active Directory password and select Login.

2. Open Secure Print

Various functions are available in the main menu of the multifunction device. To retrieve previously submitted print jobs, select the Secure Print function.

3. Printing and management

Select a print job in the queue and

  • Print with Print + Delete.
  • Delete directly with Delete.