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UZH Print Plus - Set Up Black and White Printing

By default, a print job is printed in color. This can be changed on your own workstation device as follows:


the following settings must be made in this order in the print dialog:

When configured in this way, all print jobs for the UZHPrintPlus printer will be printed in black and white.

Instead of a separate preset for "black and white printing", the option "Recent settings" can also be selected.

alternative instructions, advanced only - change the default option to black and white printing:

  1. In the Finder under "Programs" => "Utilities" start the terminal
  2. Enter the following command in the terminal and confirm with Enter, then close the terminal:
    cupsctl WebInterface=yes
  3. Use the following link to open the web interface:
    http://localhost:631 (This page is only accessible from the computer on which the previous terminal command was entered)
  4. In the web interface, under "Printers", select the "UZHPrintPlus" printer
  5. Under "Administration" select the menu "Set Default Options
  6. Under "Quality" change the "Color Mode" to "Black and White", then save with "Set Default Options


  1. Call up the "Devices and Printers" menu via the control panel
  2. Right-click on "UZHPrintPlus [...]" to open the "Printer Settings" menu
  3. Change the "colour mode" to "black and white", then confirm with "OK"


  1. Open Print Preferences and open the print options for UZHPrintPlus
  2. Under "Color", change the "Color Mode" to "Black and White"

Alternatively, the CUPS web interface can be opened via http://localhost:631 and proceed as described in the Macintosh manual.

Before a print job is printed on the multifunction printer, the console on the printer shows with a corresponding symbol whether the print job is printed in color or in black and white.