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Supercomputer - Alps/Eiger

The Alps/Eiger supercomputer is a highly specialized HPC system for massively parallel applications or for applications with distributed memory needs (see detailled specifications).

  • Supercomputer service for research
  • Targeted to address the largest-scale computational research
  • Provides access to CPUs on an HPE Cray EX multiprocessor system
  • System operated by the Swiss National Computing Centre (ETHZ/CSCS)
  • Selection of pre-installed applications available

With Eiger you can run massively parallel workflows, profiting from the high-speed interconnect among the nodes.

Additional information:


The Supercomputer service is accompanied by support from Science IT experts, removing not only the overhead of setting up your local hardware systems and servers, but also providing you access to new skills and expertise.

For help in using the Supercomputer contact Science IT.

How to get access

If your group already has a Science IT Computing Services agreement in place:

  • Contact your supervisor to learn who is the technical contact within your group
  • The technial contact will then initiate your access

If your group is starting to use Science IT Computing services:

Terms and conditions

Access to the Supercomputer service is given based on an evaluation of the needs by Science IT staff, after mapping the problem to the most suitable computing service (ScienceCloud, ScienceCluster, or the Supercomputer).

  • Framework agreement covering all Science IT Computing Services
  • Pay-per-use cost contribution model
  • Usage within limits of regulations related to use of IT at UZH
  • Access to computing services restricted to UZH researchers
  • More details (incl. costs & FAQs) are available in the UZH Intranet
  • For this service CSCS's regulations regarding the use of Alps/Eiger also apply