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Central IT Teaching and Research

Digital evaluation of paper exams

The software Evaexam is available to members of the UZH for the digital evaluation of paper exams.

With Evaexam you create and evaluate your paper exam independently. Due to the effort involved, we recommend registering only for exams with at least 50 participants.

Tasks of the institutes/faculties/persons responsible for examinations

The persons responsible for the exams have to be prepared for a high effort, which includes the following tasks:

  • Attending Evaexam training sessions (if not done in the last semester).
  • Deciding who will be responsible for exam creation and verification (manual correction)
  • Deciding whether individualized or non-individ. Examination forms are used
  • Create exam sheet, incl. scoring and recording of correct answers
  • Set up and conduct mock exam
  • Set up real exam
  • Create instruction sheet based on template
  • Correctly format and import participants list from Excel in CSV format
  • Print exam sheets or have them printed, e.g. at a print shop
  • Bring the exam to be scanned (Stampfenbachstrasse 73)
  • Verify sheets (Improperly made crosses and corrections have to be corrected manually in Evaexam. This task may take several hours depending on the number of examinees, questions and corrections. Additional persons may also be called in to assist).

Tasks from the EPIS Team

  • License management & user administration
  • Provide training sessions
  • Individual consulting appointments on request
  • Technical support during preparation and evaluation
  • Scanning of the exam sheets (Stampfenbachstrasse 73)


After the start of each lecture period, the contact persons of the institutes receive a personalized registration link from us for the examination registrations in their area of responsibility. How this registration link reaches the lecturers varies from faculty to faculty.

If you have any questions, please contact your institute's contact person.


Spring semester 2023: Please register your exam(s) no later than 03/31/2023 if you have never created and scored an exam with Evaexam.

If you already have experience with Evaexam, register your exam at least one month before the exam date.